Monday, July 7, 2008


Whether you are tired of the same old cold cereal for or like to eat breakfast food during the dinner hour, here are some recipes not to be missed. Breakfast may be a little bit more time consuming but its hard to go back once you get used to the taste of a hot breakfast. My version of the English “Mc” Muffin is a harder to put together than a bowl of cereal but make it a few times and you will get it down to quite a routine. I did, after I found out my husband was lactose intolerant, and before I knew about lactose free milk…Oh the newlywed days….The quiche with a hash brown crust couldn’t be a tastier, less fattening way to make a pie crust. The banana bread is not an “everyday food” but we all deserve a treat sometimes, especially in the early morning hours.

Your Grocery List

Holly's English “Mc” Muffin

Hash Brown Quiche

Banana Bread

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