Sunday, May 11, 2008

This Week's Menu

Not too long ago, I found myself checking out a book called The Sneaky Chef from the local library. The reason I checked it out? A picky husband who won’t eat his veggies and turns his nose up at anything “whole wheat”. The book is full of ideas, tips and recipes on how to pack (and disguise) healthy stuff into your kids’ meals and snacks. For example: pureed veggies mixed in to meatballs, casseroles or sauces. But that’s only one tactic. I suggest you check out the book for tons of other great ideas.

It wasn’t until after I marked the book on my “To Buy” list and returned it to the library that my toddler started rejecting his veggies too. So, I have begun collecting kid-friendly recipes which I hope to share with you this week and again here and there as I get some more good recipes for you to try on your little ones. For those of you without kids (or kids with more acquired tastes) I think you will enjoy these recipes as well- they just might remind you of mom in the coming week as you eat your veggies.

This Week's Menu

Your Grocery List

Mini Pizzas
Cheese Fondue- Kid Style
Quick Fix Mac N' Cheese
Chicken Stick Dippers and Sweet Carrots
"Birangas" and Sweet Potato Fries

photo from the St. Petersburg Times

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